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Car Headrest Tablet Holder Retractable Extension Arm Back Seat Travel

Car Headrest Tablet Holder Retractable Extension Arm Back Seat Travel

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Why do you need a car seat back mount?

The child was crying in the car?

Long car rides are boring?

Sore from holding for a long time?

Car seat back support stand

Compatible with mobile phones & tablets, making the journey no longer boring.

Foldable telescopic design

The distance is adjustable, the longest distance adjustable range: 23CM

Stretch adjustment method

① Twist the screw to adjust the extension distance.

② After fixing the distance, tighten the screws.

③ Twist the screw to fold back.

High elastic spring pull clip

The built-in high-elasticity tension spring clamps the phone & tablet, and it will not fall down on bumpy roads.

Installation is easy and fast.

It can be installed without dismantling the car pillow.

Compatible with most car models.

Whether it is a sedan, off-road vehicle, or sports car, it is compatible.

Clip supports 360° rotation.

Connected by the Vientiane rotating ball, the horizontal and vertical screens can be adjusted at will.

Compatible with 4.7-12.9 inch

4.7-12.9-inch mobile phones, tablets, and Switches all use energy.

Charging port design.

The design of the charging port makes charging and using the earphone cable more convenient.

No.1--- Back panel protection mat
Protect equipment from wear and tear.

No.2--- Four corner protection mat
Prevent the device from sliding.

No.3--- Strut non-slip mat
Anti-slip, anti-movement.

Installation steps

The standard and extended versions are installed in the same way.

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